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Shrey's Notebook

Hey there! I'm running to be your next Irvine High ASB President. On this website, you're going to find articles that relate to changes I want to make in our school for next year and why I'm qualified to do them.

  1. 2021 State Of Dances
  2. Accommodating Different Types Of People
  3. Being More Technology Focused
  4. Better Access To Clubs
  5. Centralizing Communications In Leadership
  6. Collaborating With Other Schools
  7. Creating A Sense Of Community At Irvine
  8. Doing More Town Halls
  9. Having Consistent School Events
  10. Holding ASB Accountable
  11. How We Can Make These Ideas Happen
  12. How We Should Manage Information
  13. Linking IVA And Hybrid
  14. Looking In The Past For Ideas
  15. Making ASB More Diverse
  16. Prioritizing Wellness
  17. Showcasing All Sports Equally
  18. Showing Gratitude Towards Teachers

All ideas are my own and not directly affiliated with Irvine High School.